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I'm also known as Bianca Mourning (:

También me conocen como Bianca Mourning (:

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this is a draw i made of Bianca Casady it doesn't look really fine cause i don't have scaner xD anyways..

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Aww well i'm hyper happy cause my favorite band is coming to México next month they are called CocoRosie and they play folk,  i already bought the tickets, but they'll have another concert next day and i want to go too xD god i really adore this girls! they are so especiall, i love their voices are really different and the lyrics are also super nice! I'm so exited that i could die *o* im happy to have met them cause they inspire me so much :D i feel happy just for hearing them ♥ how talented sisters, Sierra and Bianca (♥♥) Casady
This song is called "Black Rainbow" i adore it ♥

"Black Rainbow"

In these times of evil spirits
Of material thugs and mischief
Fear Saint Noni's wisdom
And his love for rainbow spirits
Jealous of their faithful heart-bond
And their dancing and their laughing
Made at last a league against them
To molest them and destroy them
Saint Noni wise and heart-strong
Often said to Rainbowarrior
"O my brother do not leave me!
Lest the evel spirits harm you!"
Rainbowarrior of two spirits
Gentle hand and lion-hearted
He laughed and then he answered
Like a child he softly whispered

We are Rainbowarriors
Evil come not near
Rainbow love awaits us
With hearts of love and tears

He's dead our sweetest mother
Loving father and our teacher
He's gone from us forever
He has moved a little nearer
To the master of all laughter
To the master of all song
O my brother, O my brother
Crystal brother of two spirits
Then we gathered in a circle
Stood round the rainbow fire
Burning embers hearts united
We remembered mystical beauty
If you look hard you can find a
Rainbow trail it's deep inside ya
Fear not you're a rainbowarrior
Golden light on everything gleaming

We are Rainbowarriors
Evil come not near
Rainbow love awaits us
With hearts of love and tears

angry with AP

Ahh you know? im a really big fan from angelic pretty but sometimes i REALLY get angry with this brand, why?
well first: theyre super closed, talking about their service, i mean if you dont live in japan you have to use a shopping service to reserve, and if you want something from the web, its the same, cause in their international website you cant get almost anything!, they upload items there once at year x_x

second! sometimes their quality is awful! i bought a melty chocolate hat and the ribbon is totally sintetic!! that kind of ribbons that just melt on heat!, also i bought a pochette, and the metal parts broke up!!! from the 2 diferent straps that pochette has, both of them broke up! i was super angry!, and the tp shoes, i cannot say that they have a bad quality, but secret shop ones are really similar!!! i think that ap's quality has to be better!!!

third: the sizes, ok  understand that is a japanese brand but c'mon! i bought a cutsaw, and easily it could fit to my lil niece and she has 10!, i think that baby the stars shine bright is clearly superior in quality and service, i have a baby cutsaw also, same style as ap's one, but the size is so much more confortable, it doesnt seem to be for children!, they are really fast answering your questions, and sending your stuff, sometimes you pay and the same day they send your stuff (in ap intenational site it takes like 2 weeks, or more i dont remember and the shipping cost is very high!!) also in christmas time, they send you some cute gifts depending of what you ordered, and their quality is impecable! ive never had troubles with it!, the only thing is that im sweeter than baby sometimes im not saying that ap designs are better, but the ap style is more like me!, im more an ap girl, i love their designs are beatiful! especially the prints!!

i dont know i just i get disappointed from ap, and i think thats super bad beacuse, they dont care about their international buyers and that sucks -_-


Hi girls if you bought something please leave me feedback en eglfeedback instead here :)  thank you!



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